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Why Won’t Your Car Start?  

Do you have a car? It’s one of the greatest advantages you have over other people. However, this advantage can also be one of your greatest disadvantages. You may have a reliable car, but it can still develop some issues and stop running for no apparent reason. Because of this, you’ll need to find a reliable auto repair shop near you to help you out. Here are the three common reasons why your car won’t start:

Bad Battery

This is probably the easiest reason why your car won’t start. The battery is what keeps the car’s engine running. So if you notice that it is completely flat, you’ll have to have it replaced. Otherwise, your car might shut off while you’re on the road and leave you with no other choice but to call a tow truck.

Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are bad, but not all of them are easily fixed. Some of them require expensive repairs or parts, so it’s important to find a mechanic that can do the job right. If you don’t want to pay too much, do not hesitate to ask around. There are surely a lot of shops near you that can help you out.

Engine Issues

If the aforementioned problems are not present, you can also have engine issues. This is not common but it does happen. So if you notice your car suddenly stops when you’re driving it, you might have to have the engine replaced. This way, you’ll avoid paying for a tow truck service again, and you can just take your car to the shop that can repair it properly.

If you notice these signs, it is time to call a reliable auto repair shop. On the Spot Mechanics is one of the trusted mechanics in San Antonio, TX. We offer honest and quality services at affordable rates. To hire us, dial (210) 731-0690 now!