At On the Spot Mechanics we have the most trusted mechanic

Auto mechanics maintain and repair cars. Some mechanics work on specific models and brands of cars, whilst others specialize in any and all makes of cars. The most difficult type of car repair is often the mechanic’s preferred part: finding out where is the problem. Accuracy and speed in diagnosis are crucial to the customer if the mechanic plans to keep long-term clients. In our trusted auto shop we value customer time. Our mechanics examine the engine while it is running (if possible) to see if their initial diagnosis are correct.

Our mechanic will fix the breakdown in no timeThe good mechanics at On the Spot Mechanics can tell a lot by using ears, eyes even nose, as they search for problems and potential risks. When people come in for an auto checkup, our team frequently replace worn parts before they become dangerous to the driver. Our mechanics have mastered a wide variety of skills. Car wiring is more complicated than in your home, but our team of mechanics are prepared for every kind of damage. As a result, the job requires more training than ever before. More and more, cars are run by electronic instruments, so mechanics are using computers more often. “Computers have become as much a part of the tool box as wrenches,” said one of our mechanics. Most of our auto mechanics intern in San Antonio TX while still in automotive repair school, then work full time at the same auto shops. They read current information daily to keep abreast of trends and changes in our industry. You can be sure that you are leaving your problems in the right hands. Contact us now (210) 731-0690.